Startup Preschool

You have a cool business idea, but don`t know where to start?

Join us for a 3-day crash course in entrepreneurship. You learn the very basics of how to start a business, expand your network and find you the first customer.

Minotenk Think Tank

Startup Preschool Norway is done in collaboration with Minotenk think tank. Now we are currently expanding to other countries. Be part of our journey!


When is the next Startup Preschool?

18-20 of September 2020, Oslo

We meet in Oslo, split in teams and brainstorm with inspiring speakers.

Sted: Hotell 33

30 Okt-1 Nov 2020

We visit Fredrikstad for the first time! 

Limited spots available.


12-14 March 2020, Oslo

We meet in Oslo, split in teams and brainstorm with inspiring speakers.

Place: Hotell Mastemyr

19-21 March 2021, Drammen

We visit Drammen for the first time. 

Limited spots available.

Digital Startup Preschool

22-24 January, Viken

Due to the corona restrictions we are organizing a digital 3-day preschool. It is primarily for the Viken county council, but we encourage others to apply as well!

January, Oslo - Soon to be announced

Due to the corona restrictions we are organizing a digital 3-day preschool. It is primarily for the Oslo municipality, but we encourage others to apply as well!


What is our why?

Diverse teams can be a driving force of innovation. We help them to succeed.

In the coming years, Europe will need founders who can build sustainable growth companies and create many new jobs. Our research at Startup Migrants shows that founders with a multicultural background are more likely to start a business. They are resilient, speak several languages and have fresh ideas on how to solve challenges. They are often part of international diasporas and think global from day one. 

However, they often lack local business know-how, need support in navigating bureaucracy and expanding their network. That is why we founded Startup Preschool. 

We are at our happiest when we connect the amazing multicultural talent with the booming startup ecosystems in Northern Europe.


What can you learn:

  • Why entrepreneurs matter
  • How diversity is fueling economic growth
  • Finding ideas and how to test them
  • Who is your dream customer and what is your market
  • What is a pitch deck and why it is important
  • Basics of accounting
  • Typical mistakes to avoid as a founder
  • Navigation guide to your local startup ecosystem
  • How to build your network
  • Future of tech and marketing

We welcome you no matter how little knowledge you have with business and startups. In fact, the less you know, the better it is!

We got a grant to do preschools from Oslo municipality fall of 2020
We got a grant to do preschools from Viken County Council fall of 2020

Meet our previous participants

Foto: Rolf Dammen
"I got good answers on my ideas and everyone took time to be present."
Soon entrepreneur
"I feel empowered and emotionally uplifted after the course!"
Vafa Bakkalar
Lawyer in GDPR
"One of the best experiences I´ve ever had in Norway!"
Deena Hassan
Founder of BOON


Who are we?

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen
Co-Founder Startup Migrants and
Startup Preschool

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen is the co-founder and CAO of Startup Migrants. He founded the publishing house Frekk Forlag in 2010. It has gone on to become one of Norway’s most mentioned publishers of non-fiction books and documentaries. While editing books Strøm-Olsen focused on sales and established the company as a new player in a market with high risk, vertical integration between the three biggest publishers and the bookshops across the country. He sold the company in 2014 – but continued to work for it until he started Startup Migrants in 2018. In the process of founding, running and selling Frekk Forlag, Nicolai learned some lessons on how to create teams and sales. He has realised that salesmanship is a good way of building a company, but also see the downside of not having a product with recurring customers and a large margin.

Maria Amelie
Co-Founder Startup Migrants and Startup Preschool

Startup Migrants Co-Founder and CEO, Maria Amelie, has came to Norway as a refugee and applied for political asylum in 2002. After years of uncertainty as an undocumented refugee, she successfully finished her bachelor and masters degree at NTNU. In 2010, at 25 years old, she wrote a book about her story as a refugee. This book ignited political controversy, demonstrations all over Norway and over 90,000 people in support of her mission on Facebook. In the end, she led the charge in changing immigration law and debate on migrants rights in Northern Europe earning her title as Norwegian of the Year. In 2011 she got her work permit and has since worked as a tech-journalist and published 5 successful books. After that, she worked for with the leading Norwegian startup Blockchangers on how blockchain can benefit business registration in the Norwegian government. Prior to that she was a consultant and program manager for Startup Extreme, the only extreme sports and startups event in Norway.

These fantastic founders and speakers have guided participants at Preschool.

Gulnaz Khusainova

Gulnaz Khusainova is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur with 7 years in IT and marketing. Originally from Russia she now lives in Copenhagen. She has founded EasySize - a data-driven company disrupting fashion e-commerce. She founded her first startup at the age of 19 and prior to EasySize, she was a founder and a CEO of 2 more startups in e-commerce, technology and mobile. Gulnaz holds MSc in Strategic marketing and has an experience in big data technologies, while working as a Head of unit in one of the largest banks in Russia. Despite of her young age (25 years old) she has been recognised as one of the most inspiring young female entrepreneurs in Europe actively participating in e-commerce and entrepreneurship events - 30 under 30 by Forbes

Matt Smith

Matt brings infotainment (information entertainment) into the tech industry. Founder of The Lunicorn, host of the Lunicorn Live Show (the Late Late Show meets the Tech industry) and author of The Startup Buzzword Dictionary. Former VC, and Angel turned tech commentator, presenter and event host. Listed as one of the 100 most influential and impactful people in the Nordics in 2017, Best Creative Industry Startup in Norway 2019.

Fred Radenbach

Fred Radenbach was the founder of the accounting firm Causa, which has received much recognition for its innovative use of technology and focus on added value for the customer. Visma named the company Partner of the Year 2018 in competition with several hundred accounting firms. Accounting firm Causa merged with Aider in early 2019. Fred is also 11 times National winner of table tennis in Norway.

DNB Oppstartslos

Every year, the main Norwegian bank DNB's entrepreneurial team Oppstartslos helps thousands of Norwegians to start for themselves. They know a lot about starting a business, and can give good tips and help you along the way.

André Evju og Nam Mai

André Evju, Nam Mai and Brian Ramsland started TUNCO - Oslo's answer to a proper street wok. The vision is to make healthy and sustainable food available to everyone.

Hazel Xavier

Hazel Xavier and Kurt Shyam Venkatraman are founders of Fits Consulting and 3DL-learning technology startup. It is a fantastic educational platform in growth.

Pouria Ruhi

Pouria Ruhi is the founder of Last Call and Lokalii. Lokalii is a marketplace for local experiences, while Last Call is an app for cultural life. Through the app, users are offered tickets at a reduced price shortly before the show begins. Originally, Pouria was marketing director for Comfort Hotel and before that he has written a children's book.

Marte Sootholtet

Marte Sootholtet is the project manager in Social Startup. It is an accelerator program for entrepreneurs who want to solve societal challenges by making them financially sustainable in the past and securing the economic bottom line. Marte has ten years of experience in the field of social entrepreneurship.