In May, we will arrange a digital preschool for interested in starting up in Berlin, Germany. We meet online for live lectures and workshops.


For whom: any one interested in starting a business

Mentors and Speakers

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen

Nicolai Strøm-Olsen is the author and co-founder of Startup Migrants, the leading Nordic art magazine KUNSTforum and the conference He has written the biography Hans Gude - an artist's life (2015) and three other books on urban development and entrepreneurship; Bykamp (2014), Startup Europe - The founders who change Europe (2016) and Startup Israel (2017).

Norhan Othman

Norhan is an architect and city planner powered with passion towards cities' entrepreneurship ecosystem and infrastructure-related research. She is enthusiastic about exploring how entrepreneurial cities' empower and support their citizens and migrants. Currently, she is writing her masters thesis at the Technical University in Berlin about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Berlin and its support infrastructure. Norhan is based in Berlin where she works on scaling Forskole / Startup Preschool in Germany.

Maria Amelie

Maria Amelie wrote her first book at the age of 25, was named Norwegian of the Year and contributed to a change in the law for refugees. She has since written four more books on entrepreneurship and technology. Maria wants to focus more on diversity as a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to new jobs and groundbreaking innovation.

Bastian Behrmann

Bastian is very familiar with the Berlin startup ecosystem and regularly organizes a wide variety of startup events and community meetups. Currently, he is coach at the Beuth Startup Hub and is responsible for the Exist and BSS grants. He coaches and guides the startups while on the program as well as getting them connected to important founders and investors in the local startup ecosystem. Over the last 2 years, he helped developing several workshops and programs for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. He was coaching over 50 international founders and held several workshops about the Berlin ecosystem, how to network, international leadership, and how to raise funding.

Anne Kjær Bathel

Anne Kjær Bathel (former Riechert) is CEO and co-founder ReDI School of Digital Integration. She is a 2006 graduate from KaosPilot in Denmark, a hybrid of a busines and a design school. From 2006-2009, she worked as a corporate social responsibility consultant. In that capacity, she developed and implemented Samsung Electronics’ award-winning corporate social responsibility strategy for Scandinavia. In 2015, in response to the refugee crisis, Anne co-founded ReDI School of Digital Integration, a vocational training program teaching programming and tech skills to asylum seekers. As the CEO Anne is convinced that technology can break down barriers and bring people together to build new solutions to old problems. The idea of ReDI was sparked by the insight that amongst the refugee population there are incredible talents eager to learn and eager to contribute, who could help fill the 84.000 open IT jobs in Germany (*Bitkom 2020).

Norbert Herrmann

Norbert has been dealing with uncertainties to create enabling environments, in Berlin, in Johannesburg and elsewhere. Since 2017 Norbert has been handling startup-affairs at Berlin Government, Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. He is keen on better understanding and supporting the ecosystem. Before, he worked with Berlin Institute of Technology, Centre for Entrepreneurship, eBay, Technology Foundation Berlin, and many more. Norbert Herrmann provides one view on the Berlin Startup Ecosystem, deriving from his work at the senate administration.

Melina Hanisch

Melina Hanisch is Start-up Coordinator at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Berlin. She helps founders and start-ups to identify the right funding and financing options for their project.

Constantin Schmutzler

Tino is the founder of Berlin Startup School and has supported a lot of entrepreneurs on their journey from idea to founding a company. His aim is to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship and to empower people for a better tomorrow.

Joanna Czarnecka

Joanna Czarnecka – co-founder and CEO of Zixio GmbH that develops cognitive solutions for companies and institutions. Before founding Zixio, Joanna managed international projects with the focus on reconciliation, dialogue and diversity. She was a board member of IFDE e.V. and led an innovation project "Mablo" in cooperation with Beuth Hochschule in Berlin

Anna Schnekker

Anna Schnekker is a Berlin based Moderator and Communications Trainer. She is partner manager within the Businessplan-Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg BPW , Germany's largest regional founders initiative and supports founders with pitch trainings and as a member of several juries within Berlin's Startup Ecosystem. As an independent trainer, consultant and moderator, she supports executives and teams in achieving effective output through effective communication.

Artsiom Zhavarankau

Artsiom Zhavarankau is the Key Account Manager for ICT and your main contact and jungle guide for public funding in Berlin. Artsiom is gonna provide a closer look on the functioning of the business development bank, and which support does it provide for the early phase. He will give you some basic views on public funding and general ideas about how to identify advantages for your Start Up and to apply for subsidies.

Leonie Moos

Leonie Moos is Head of Program at Grace - Accelerate Female Entrepreneurship in Berlin. Prior to joining Grace she worked for a fintech company builder, for startups in the e-commerce sector and a venture capital firm in Berlin. In addition to her extensive startup and investment experience she worked at global companies such as Vodafone, before that she began her career at the German Foreign Office. With this international and broad industry knowledge she is now dedicated to build a digital, gender diverse and entrepreneurial future.

Julien Noël

Julien Noël is working by Berlin Partner since 2020. After supporting Photonics Companies to come to Berlin, he now works for the Healtchcare Cluster, supporting companies in the field of MedTech | Healthcare | Digital Health. Julien has grown up in France and has a background in Biology, physics & Chemistry. He has also studied Business and Finance Controlling and he started working in Germany. Julien has gathered experience in Business Development through different companies and culture (French, US, Japanese and now German…); from opening a Sales Office in Berlin to establishing new partnerships and cooperation. Through this last experience, he has discovered his passion for Innovation. Julien is highly experienced in Supports and Business Development Coaching. He is a passionate Networker, which is always interested in knowing new persons and bringing them to the next level and the correct partners (Grants, Mentors, Technical Partners…).

Georg Berssenbrügge

Georg Berssenbrügge is tax consultant with over 15 years of experience. He is the Managing Director of Goessler + Partner GmbH, also Managing Director of InterGest Germany



16:00 - 20:00


09:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 15:00


Yes! You do not need any prior knowledge, just interest and desire to start a business.

No. You can join the idea of someone else and work together through the weekend. But if you suddenly get an idea, then feel free to share it. Maybe someone else will join your team and develop it further!

It is not allowed to take each other’s ideas, and we clearly state that. The collection must be open and safe. Besides, most ideas need to be further developed before they can become really good.

No, everyone with a multicultural background is welcome. We are concerned with diversity in experience, background, age and beyond.

We expect participants to be with us along the three days so that you get the most out of the weekend. If you can not then you should give your place to someone else.

Bring a laptop and a notebook. Together with your team, you create pitch decks in the Canva program.

We usually send out emails several times before the preschool. Check the spam inbox – they might end up there. If not, let us know at

Yes, so far all lectures are in English. You are welcome to join, even if you do not speak English fluently.