24-26th of September we organize a digital Startup Preschool during Oslo Innovation Week. It will last 3 days on Zoom in the English language.


For hvem: You have an international background and a dream of creating something

Mentors and Speakers

Maria Amelie

Maria Amelie wrote her first book at the age of 25, was named Norwegian of the Year and contributed to a change in the law for refugees. She has since written four more books on entrepreneurship and technology. Maria wants to focus more on diversity as a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to new jobs and groundbreaking innovation.

Norhan Othman

Norhan is an architect and city planner powered with passion towards cities' entrepreneurship ecosystem and infrastructure-related research. She is enthusiastic about exploring how entrepreneurial cities' empower and support their citizens and migrants. Currently, she is writing her masters thesis at the Technical University in Berlin about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Berlin and its support infrastructure. Norhan is based in Berlin where she works on scaling Forskole / Startup Preschool in Germany.

Pira Thiru

Pira Thiru is a seasoned business developer that has scaled various startups in Norway. He was a part of the team that led the expansion of Voi to Norway and was responsible for managing their entire operations for over a year before he went on to lead the expansion of Hedvig Insurance to Norway. Pira is born and raised in Oslo, but has Sri Lankan/Tamil roots. He’s committed to the cause, and is eager to help minorities and migrants crack the code for how to get their business up and running in Norway.

Millaray Salomon

Millaray Salomon is an educational consultant and advisor. In addition to this. Prior to that, she founded her company Itamalal AS They are developing sustainable yarn from Patagonia in Chile. Their goal is to launch, distribute and sell this unique yarn in the European market during 2022. Millaray has also years of experience as an entrepreneur in culture, music and storytelling. She has helped other entrepreneurs with projects like yoga companies and Spanish language school.

Sonja Grillmeier

Sonja is a student at the University of Passau, Germany. She studies International Culture and Business and writes her bachelor’s thesis about the role of gender in migrant entrepreneurship. Sonja has a great passion for the exchange between different cultures and likes to help entrepreneurs to succeed. She is working with Startup Migrants in Berlin.



16:00 - 20:00


09:00 - 15:00


09:00 - 15:00


Yes! You do not need any prior knowledge, just interest and desire to start a business.

No. You can join the idea of someone else and work together through the weekend. But if you suddenly get an idea, then feel free to share it. Maybe someone else will join your team and develop it further!

It is not allowed to take each other’s ideas, and we clearly state that. The collection must be open and safe. Besides, most ideas need to be further developed before they can become really good.

No, everyone with a multicultural background is welcome. We are concerned with diversity in experience, background, age and beyond.

We expect participants to be with us along the three days so that you get the most out of the weekend. If you can not then you should give your place to someone else.

Bring a laptop and a notebook. Together with your team, you create pitch decks in the Canva program.

We usually send out emails several times before the preschool. Check the spam inbox – they might end up there. If not, let us know at muzammil@startupmigrants.com

Yes, so far all lectures are in English. You are welcome to join, even if you do not speak English fluently.