Meet our Alumni

Roxanne Bayron

Founder of CSLstore.no

Roxanne Bayron, 31 years old, participated last year’s digital preschool. She came prepared with a business idea and a desire to learn more about entrepreneurship in Norway. With her love of the American TV-show ‘Shark Tank’, she had always had an inner wish to start her own business. After having been introduced to the preschool from a college friend she applied and was ready for the weekend. 

What motivated you to apply?

A friend of mine spoke highly about it and told me that I could learn a lot about entrepreneurship and get in contact with new people. I have always been an avid viewer of the entrepreneurs-series ‘Shark Tank’ and was curious about how one would go about starting a business in Norway. I had watched the show for many years, and had therefore had a lot of business ideas and with the hopes of realizing some of those ideas I applied to the preschool!

Bayron notes specifically one aspect from the preschool:

The preschool opened my eyes to the fact that immigration is a gift to society. Maria (one of the hosts of the preschool and one of the co-founders of Startup Migrants) mentioned during a workshop that 21% of all European founders were immigrants and that 36% of them were from countries outside of the EU. Maria gave an example from Sweden where 95000 entrepreneurs who were immigrants have created approximately 300 000 jobs there. These facts were truly inspiring to me!

Bayron goes on to say:

It was really great getting to know other people from different background during the preschool. It was fun exchanging ideas with people from diverse backgrounds because they had comments and feedback on aspects of my business idea that I had never thought about. This is exactly why diversity is so important, especially in team settings, because it fosters creativity and ideation.we should all have friends from all walks of life because if you surround yourself with people who are exactly like yourself you will never realize the blindspots you might have. 

After having participated in the preschool, what impressions are you left with?

I really enjoyed the set up, and would definitely recommend it to others! I was also positively surprised to have met others whose business ideas were in the same industry as mine. We have spoken a lot after the event and exchanged know how and have stayed in contact to help each other however we can. 

What does the road ahead look like for you?

Currently I have plans of going back to my home country to meet with my suppliers and create a good relationship with them. I also have plans of finding the right co-founder and continue to build my team. That’s probably one of the most important things I’ve learnt: to have a good team. 

Speaking of things you’ve learnt, do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Yes, I have som practical tips that have helped me. 

As i mentioned earlier, creating a good team with the right co-founder before you start. Learn the rules and regulations of the industry you want to start a business in. I would also say to invest in digital accounting tools (ex. Tripletex) as soon as possible. Lastly, I would say to continuously improve your business and yourself by finding digital tools to make your entrepreneurial journey less stressful!.