Meet our Alumni

Ruta Zakarauskaite

Ruta Zakarauskaite, 29, is in the process of launching her own company Voyage Marketing Norway. Zakarauskaite has always known since her teens that she wants to start her own business, and with a study background in business administration with a focus on tourism and marketing and an online business in her backpack, she is well equipped for just that. She heard about preschool from a friend who had attended before. The friend was very happy and highly recommended it. Zakarauskaite’s friend also knew she was interested in entrepreneurship and thought she could get a lot out of it. 

What motivated you to apply? 

Well, I started following the preschool and Startup Migrants on social media to find out a little more about what it was all about. I have also wanted to build my own company so I wanted get more input on how to realize ideas and build networks. 

What were your expectations in advance? 

I really just wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship in Norway and how it worked and just learn as much as possible. And I got even more than I expected! I expected to get basic knowledge, but got much more, so I’m very happy with that! 

Zakarauskaite is originally from Lithuania, but studied in Iceland. After living in Norway for the past eight years, she is now focusing on building her business for a Norwegian audience. 

Did you have thoughts / desires to become an entrepreneur ahead of the weekend? 

I always knew I wanted my own business, but never came up with one idea to realize until now. So I studied business in Iceland, worked with network marketing, started my own online business and am now finally starting my own business – Voyage Marketing Norway. 

Zakarauskaite has always been a self-starter and previously worked with network marketing and then started her own online business where she promoted various companies’ products and services. The lessons she learned through this taught her almost more than the years during her studies, she says. 

What is the way forward for you?

Now it’s time to launch my business. I have been working on it since the end of May, so now everything is ready for launch. 

Via the Instagram of Voyage Marketing Norway, you can see that Zakarauskaite is well on her way to building a relationship with her followers. 

Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who may have doubts or fears regarding entrepreneurship? 

Get over the fear and your limiting beliefs about yourself. Take a chance and listen to your own intuition.