Meet our Alumni

Luqman Wadood

Editor in chief of Jeune

Previous participant Luqman Wadood, 19, found out about Startup Migrant’s entrepreneur school through Facebook and did not hesitate applying. In the fall of 2020 he had already started building his website Jeune. This website is, in his own words, a place for young people who are passionate about politics and societal issues to freely express their views. Wadood is also a full time student at UiS (University of Stavanger) where he studies law. 

Did you know about Startup Migrants prior?

No, I didn’t, but when I saw the post on Facebook I thought it sounded very exciting so I applied immediately. The role as chief editor can be very lonely so I was very exciting for the idea of building a wider network and learning from others on similar paths as me. I thought of it as a step in the right direction.

Wadood particularly notes one aspect of the weekend:

It was incredibly useful to pitch to the other participants. I felt that it was a moment during the weekend where we really got to use all of the skills we had gained through the weekend. To present and hear feedback from the other participants was really helpful! 

Before Jeune, did you have any thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur?

Honestly I didn’t have any expectations for jeune. The idea was that it would be and stay a small hobby on the side of my studies, but then it just kept growing. So no I didn’t have any real thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur – but suddenly things started taking off. 

There are people who are sitting on an idea, but get stuck in the idea phase of building a business, but you didn’t seem to have done that?

No, I don’t like to sit with an idea for a long time. I like to start working on them and sharing them quickly. Before jeune I was working on several other projects such as creating logos and graphic design, so jeune was just another project of mine. 

So you were already person who liked to get going with projects?

Yes, I think it’s in my blood really; Or, really I have to thank my mother for that. She encouraged my creativity. She never let me sit inside all day and watch TV or play video games. I think it’s because of her that I am so creative today. 

Finally, do you have any tips or advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Dont be afraid to do a lot of «cold calls». You can’t be afraid of rejection, it happens all the time, but you just have to keep going!