Preschool in entrepreneurship

How to start and succeed with your own business?

The preschool is a 3-day intensive course in entrepreneurship. You learn to develop your ideas into a business idea and get help to realize them. Sign up for the next preschool!

In the Preschool ...

You will learn about:

NOTE! You do not need to know anything about finances or business to join!

Why to become an entrepreneur?

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? What do you do when you want to start something? What is a startup, incubator, VC and many other words used about starting a business?

How to find, select and test ideas?

How to define a market, find customers and sell a product or service? Learn to present your idea to potential customers, investors and partners.

How to network and recruit a team?

Who can help you further? We emphasize that you expand your network and become familiar with the comprehensive start-up environment in Norway and the Nordic countries.

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Meet our alumni

Photo: Rolf Dammen
Everyone took the time to answer questions and help with the project.
Soon entrepreneur
I feel emotionally uplifted and engaged!
Vafa Bakkalar
Lawyer in GDPR
One of the best experiences I have had in Norway!
Deena Hassan
Founder of BOON

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