Would you like to help an entrepreneur to succeed and create new jobs?

The Startup Preschool, founded in 2020, gives a crash course in business to founders. In a little more than a year 320+ people have taken part! Our alumni have founded 30 companies, won hackathons and even made their first hires.

We are active in Norway and Germany, and are expanding to Sweden, Poland, Argentina and Chile next year. By end of 2022, we aim to discover and support 1500 new founders!

The Startup Preschool is free of charge and we are completely bootstraped. Would you like to contribute and be part of the change?


Startup Migrants UG
IBAN: DE92 1001 0010 0952 5611 09

We provide our partners with good exposure and access to a diverse and innovative talent pool. Support and reach out if you would like to give a bigger contribution